Friday, March 31, 2017

San Francisco folio, March/April, 2017

My mate john held jr., art star and bad boy. 

A beautiful grill in the pavement in the mission

Nothing needs to be said about this one.

The art strike (1990-1993) time capsule that was buried in the basement of ATA at the end of 1990 in preparation for the art strike and retrieved intact 10 years later in 2000.
Craig baldwin (film maker), this is his office in the basement of ATA gallery...great to meet such a cool artist and man again.
i had a show of veronica's work a long time ago in the wc gallery in de pere ( stuff
I missed news of her death...sad 
Tom marioni (conceptual artist) at his salon reading his letter to the sf chronicle on his solution to the homeless problem in sf. 
Homeless person sleeping on the street, San Francisco.
Clifford Hunt reading a poem, Half Moon Bay, CA
Interior, Half Moon Bay, CA
Dinner time with the dog
Cool ironwork on bathroom floor, Half Moon Bay, CA

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