Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #12, Madison & San Francisco 1986

"Ritual & Icon," an outdoor mail art show by Xexoxial Endarchy Ltd., in Madison, Wisconsin coordinated by Miekal And and Liz Was (1956-2004).

"Ritual & Icon," Madison, Wisconsin.

Something about a birthday.

Some members of Vivisection, the industrial performance art band after the gig "Body Sacrifice & Motor Worship," at Nightbreak.

After the gig there's always the loading up to do.

Martin and Lise get married!

Day of the Dead procession in the Mission.

"Images from South Africa," was a mail art show organized by Nathan Yrizarry, Bill Washburn and myself. Since no images were allowed out of the country by the apartheid regime we created this exhibit to show what was happening. None of the South African artists we asked to participate ever sent anything, we assumed the postal service was being censored.

Four years later Mandela was released from prison and in 1994 apartheid was officially over.

Vivisection installation "Obscurum per Obscurius," at Media gallery.

Christians demonstrating against Jean-Luc Godard's film "Hail Mary," outside the Roxy cinema.

Patti Davidson, director of Media gallery. Where is Patti now, I wonder?

Nathan Yrizarry took it to the streets at the end of the Vivisection's "Subject the Subject" show in the Mission.

Supporters of the Nicaraguan contras always got a muscular reception when they came to San Francisco.

Start 'em young - the American way.

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