Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #9, San Francisco 1984

A SF roommate on PCP, he actually busted out the window with his cop's baton, very scary.

Practising for something here.

Amy Elliott a cool performance artist working on a new project.

Michael Shay and myself did a whole load of language-based performances around this time. These two photos were props for a new work.

Can't remember what the hell we were doing wearing these t-shirts, presume it must have been for another performance.

A strip club downtown advertised an amateur photo night with the strippers as models. The place was full of horny photographers. Naturally I was only interested in getting photographs of the photographers taking photos of the women!

These sessions were discontinued after only a couple of weeks if I remember correctly.

The People's World was the Communist Party USA's west coast newspaper. Here's a photo from their annual dinner in Oakland.

SF nightime photo.

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