Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #15, San Francisco 1988

This event took place at KPFA radio in Berkeley, and if i remember Tom Patrick gave us air time during his radio show "Over the Edge." We were reading plagiarized texts as publicity for the upcoming Festivals of Plagiarism.

Geza Perneczky is a Hungarian art historian and one of his interests is artists' periodicals. He came to stay in our home in the Mission and secretly was trying to get me to join him as an editor of his book on artists' periodicals. I didnt need pursuading and this important book "The Magazine Network" came out in Hungarian in 1991, and english in 1993. I'm listed as 'assistant editor'. 

Me and Geza probably arguing over some small detail...either way he considered me an expert on zines/artists' periodicals and i was happy to oblige him!

Geza took this photo of Arda and myself which I've always liked. By now we were living together in the Mission.

The beautiful Diego Rivera mural in the Art Institute of California - San Francisco.

The final and 4th issue of Box of Water. As you can see I've really got down my organization around collating etc...

Julie Murray, Irish film maker.

Missy on scooter, and on the right Todd and Bill Daniel. Bill has just published a book, 'Tri-X-Noise:', that chronicles in b/w photos 3 decades of punk, and all sorts of other cool underground stuff, check out details on getting a copy of the book and photos here: 

Old Brit friend Stan who was a classical musician and passed way too early.

An english boy.


Andrzej Dudek-Durer, a Polish visual and performing artist who was on a tour of the USA and I arranged an installation/performance at ATA for him. Andrzej is contemplating his 'art shoes' here.

More 'art shoes.'

Andrzej's installation at ATA.

After the gig.

Mission still life.

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