Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #16, San Francisco 1988

Bill Caploe doing some kind of magic trick.

Somewhere on Market street.

When a bunch of visual and language poets & writers get together anything can happen.

Laura Shay at home.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti installs the sign for Jack Kerouac Alley in North Beach just across from City Lights Bookstore. The alley was formally known as Adler Alley.

Soon after the installation & ceremony Gregory Corso (1930-2001) turns up and things get difficult.

Cool artwork in the streets in the Mission.

Learnt some useful new skills from a day and night spent in Mendocino county during harvest season.
Food Not Bombs was this cool group that gave out free food to people in the park. I can't remember the details of what's happening here but they are about to be be forcibly removed by the cops.

Food Not Bombs the arrests begin.

Food Not Bombs.

April Jones and myself did this performance piece about onanism as part of the 'Discourses of Desire,' film night at ATA. Painted white and sitting on a plinth in the dark of the ATA basement we had looped onanistic films projected onto our naked bodies with an accompanying sound piece.

What was left after the piece with April.

Somewhere off Market street.

Another piece of mine where I used the then current slogan "Read My Lips: men use condoms of beat it." I like the other graffiti here and the woman settled in for the night.

Vivisection, the crew for the "Carnival of Faith" gig.
Somewhere off Market street.

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