Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Album #21, Iowa City 1990-1991

On Nov. 1, 1990 a post-doc student, Gang Lu, upset that he didn't receive a prestigious grant murdered four university faculty members, one student and seriously wounded another student. Lu committed suicide after these killings. I was working as a secretary in the chemistry department and these letters were for people to sign in order to express their sympathy to the victim's families.

The university community comes together in shock and disbelief at what has just transpired.

Lloyd Dunn, artist & musician, binding copies of a booklet we put together that had statements by networkers about networking. This was in preparation for the Decentralized World Wide Networker Congress that would be taking place in 1992.

The republican students wrapped themselves in the flag once the American invasion of Kuwait had started.

A large group of people demonstrate against the invasion.

Families say goodbye to their loved ones going over to the Gulf to 'liberate' the Kuwaiti people after Iraq's invasion.

Two different sides of the road and two different responses to the invasion.

Operation Desert Storm lasted from 2 Aug., 1990 - 28 Feb., 1991.

Arda and my sister Helena just before our wedding. 

The bride on her way to the wedding.

We had a zine show in our garage and on the opening night Aaron Noble did a performance in the garden and ended up on top of the garage.

Aaron atop the garage.

A group of artists organized an anti-war art show in a downtown cafe that opened the night of the invasion. Here Arda is shooting up copies of the catalogue that we produced some time after the show.

Inspecting the shot catalogues.

On a walk with the dogs I discover an arrowhead.

Celebrating a big victory - but which one?!

The original Bo.

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