Monday, July 20, 2015

Album #17, San Francisco 1988/89

This is Sue Grant-Marsh (a fellow brit) and somehow she embroiled me and another woman (in photo at right) to be the stars in her final film for college. Titled "8hrs Difference," the time difference between SF and the UK, it was fun being on the set, but I can't remember a thing about the plot now. Sue still lives in the area. The film never got completed.
Artists dancing.

In June of 1989 our community of artists in sf welcomed 3 artists from the UK (Andre Stitt, Shaun Caton & Tara Babel) on their performance tour stop in SF. Much drinking and fun was had. Here's Andre at the start of his piece in the basement of ATA.

Here's the basement at the end of Andre's piece.

Shaun did this powerful almost shamanic work in the basement and in the process created a very different world in that dark space.

Tara cooked up a different batch of anarchy upstairs.

Fathers and daughters, sometimes I guess dads can be a bit embarrassing!

More father and daughter love. 

The AIDS quilt in the Moscone center - very powerful.

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