Monday, July 20, 2015

Album #18, Festival of Plagiarism, San Francisco 1988

The Festival of Plagiarism (FOP) ran continuously from 6pm, Friday, Feb. 5 - 10pm to Sunday, Feb. 7th, 1988 at ATA art space in the Mission. The FOP was organized by Scott MacLeod, Laura Brun & Stephen Perkins with the help of many others. This photo would seem to document some activity taking place at the opening reception for the festival.

SPK "Meat Joy," performance.

SPK body prints.

Random crowd photo.

Harvey Stein and Cynthia De Moss.

Harvey Stein and Cynthia De Moss.

"Plagiarism as a positive artistic technique," panel discussion (l-r) Leslie Singer, Barrett Watten, Nayland Blake (moderator), Minnette Lehman, Csaba Polony (1944-2014), Michael Peppe & Marshall Weber.

Different activities were taking place simultaneously in different areas of the gallery space.

Performances were taking place overnight in the window of the gallery.

Sue Carlson and others in the gallery window area.

Marshall Weber up in the rafters doing a performance in another space in town not associated with the FOP.

Manet's, Le déjeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass), 1863/1988 with Sigi Torinus model/director.

The grand finale: Sigi Torinus' "Last Supper."

A year later the documentation for the festival was printed. Total revenue from the weekend: $1824, minus rental to ATA we cleared $912. After deducting costs of $684 we had a net profit of $228, and these last monies were used to photocopy this festival documentation.

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