Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Album #19, Art Strike 1989

Between Jan 3-8, 1989 a loose grouping of individuals presented the "Art Strike Mobilization Week," at ATA. Different days had varied themes including "Art Strike: everything you need to know," "Propaganda Factory: hands on," to "Date Night: 2000 years of foreplay," and "Picking your scabs, licking your wounds: support opposition, testimonials."

The plan was to start with early preparations for going on art strike at the end of the year. While many artists were initially reluctant to join, once they got thinking about it most of them thought it was a perfectly good idea.

During the week of activities at ATA we buried a time capsule in the basement of ATA in which people were invited to put works for an audience in the future.

The digging starts.

Arda Ishkhanian testing the depth of the hole. 

Aaron Noble working up some sweat equity.

Assorted activities & actions continued throughout the year. Outside of ATA during the final "Gigantic Art Strike Liquidation Sale," Saturday, Dec. 30th. Night time shot.

Day time shot.

Aaron inspecting artworks discarded in anticipation of the art strike (1990-1993).

Todd tempted by the incredibly cheap prices of the pre-art strike art. 

Ten years later on Dec. 25th, 2009 the time capsule is retrieved. Here is Lise Swenson holding it at ATA.

Lise reading from one of the booklets in the capsule which looks like one of Janet Janet's Schism magazines that was dedicated to the art strike. Apparently everything was fine inside with no water leakage or dampness. Sadly, Lise passed away in 2016 at the age of fifty-seven.

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