Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #13, San Francisco 1986

Arda Ishkhanian was the first Janet Janet, and this is her maiden performance at the 409 Cultural Center, Tenderloin. Needless to say she was fantastic!

10th anniversary action at the empty site of where the I-Hotel International had stood. After a long battle the authorities kicked out the mainly elderly Filipino occupants on August 4th, 1977. 

10th anniversary action at the site of the former I-Hotel, Manilatown, sf.

Vivisection in the tenderloin practice space.

Audience watching Nathan doing a performance, but I can't for the life of me remember the name or place. 

Nathan is just visible inside the pit of trash.

Marshall Weber doing a performance at ATA.

I think this was the meal where I drank too much whiskey and before the end of the meal I turned the table completely over. I remember thinking it was hilariously funny!

Emeryville mudflats were a great free space for all kinds of art, and visible from the highway too.

Emeryville mudflats.

In August I coordinated a SF event (Networking Live) for three touring Japanese artists, Shozo Shimamoto (1928-2013), Ryosuke Cohen & Fimiko Tatematsu at ATA in san francisco. It was a great evening with performances by local artists as well as the visitors.

Shozo, who was one of the early members of the Gutai movement was doing his head piece/peace, where people would write on his head messages for world peace - or whatever the hell they felt like! 

Shozo was a very cool & important artist who had been making very smart works and performances for a number of decades.

Stephen Ronan doing a piece as part of the Networking Live evening.

The Golden Gate Park was a place I would go to charge up my batteries.

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