Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Album #23, Iowa City, 1994. All but three of these 23 albums document the 10 years I spent in San Francisco from 1980-1990 as a new immigrant from England. In 1990 I moved to Iowa city and the series stops in 1994 as I changed over to color photography. Please note the reverse chronology.

Arda with her winter garden in the basement.

Fluxus events at the Fluxus Museum, Coon Ferry, Iowa.

The hardest part of the whole art history phd was satisfying the german translation requirement. It was a 2 semester class and i worked hours each night trying to fix this complicated language into my brain. I did thankfully pass the class.

Carlos Cortez (1923-2005) a beloved Chicago icon and people's artist. In 1998 the Center for the Study of Political Graphics honored Carlos with their "Art as a Hammer," award.

Liaizon Wakest of the Dreamtime, West Lima tribe trying to give away a fake lobster.

Sweat lodge at the Tree House, Dreamtime, West Lima, WI.

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