Sunday, July 19, 2015

Album #14, San Francisco 1987

Craig Baldwin was collaborating with Vivisection and showing films during one of our gigs.

Vivisection preparing for a gig, and Nathan inspects his butt.

The Vivisection crew for the evening's performance.

During this period I was doing a bunch of street stuff with xeroxes and this one had Thatcher and Reagan as the subject matter. Reagan had recently given his "Tear Down This Wall" speech at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin.

Haight street fair.

Martin gets two cakes from Eva and Arda.

April Jones as Janet Janet. Janet Janet was allied to the multiple name project where different people undertake artistic activities using the same name. Since there were requests for her to do public appearances I chose a number of friends to be her for each particular situation. Here Janet Janet is handing out cards with texts by Janet Janet and the taperecorder is playing her texts.

Kathleen doing Nathan up for his Janet Janet appearance.

Nathan in full Janet Janet regalia - the tape recorder was playing a text by Janet Janet.

On Sept., 1, 1987 Brian Willson, a Vietnam veteran, peace activist and attorney was protesting at the Concord, California Naval Weapons Station where they had blockaded the railroad. A train came along the tracks, did not stop, and Wilson lost both legs beneath the knees as well as other injuries (Wilson pictured here). The response was swift and we went out there the next day.

Very soon the railroad tracks began to get taken up.

Work was swift with so many hands.

No more weapons were going to be shipped to central america from here for a while.

Bob either in his office or working in the bookstore, doesn't really make much difference as both places were virtually indistinguishable. 

I spent many hours in this bookstore on Haight street as I knew a number of the people who worked there over the years, plus they would put up my xerox stuff in the window - I see three of them in this photo!

Looking out from inside the Haight st. bookstore.

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